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                    Spinning saparator

Nowadays in the market, there is manufacturing machinery called Spinning corn column. The machine is for extraction aroma component from natural products, could process 1t to 10t law material per 1 hour. Spinning corn column is used for concentrating sample water about 10 times. It could produce a lot of batchs continuously. Samples could be slurry. Many flavors companies, foods companies and cosmetics companies use Spinning corn column but there is no testing machines. We developed glass Spinning corn column for testing before producing. The column is made by glass so you can check inside during experiment.
* Please contact us about sizes (number of columns, processing volume) and any other questions.


< Basic construction >

Extract active ingredients from sample by countercurrent steam or nitrogen gas. Samples could be slurry with solid.

Gain concentrated low boiling point components. Could gain aroma components from seafood, flutes, coffee and more.

Uses fields:
Food industry, Beverages field, Flavors industry and more.


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