Chromatography system

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                        Chromatography system

These apparatuses are used for separating and purifying active ingredients from natural substances for flavors, food and medicine fields. Popular usage is Silica gel column chromatography. It uses Silica gel or gel for stationary phase. Theory of system is for separating each component by difference of adsorption force due to stationary phase and developing solvent. Our chromatography system has glass column. It is used for both analysis and preparative chromatography.
We have two kinds of columns, Chromato column(open colum) and ILC column. Chromato column is for basic chromatography. ILC column is for fine separation. ILC column could use under pressure and is more effective than open column. We have many kinds of optional parts and sizes. If you have any question please contact us.

Sizes;  Inside diameter: 11mm~100mmΦ Length: 150mm~1450mm

                                                                   ILC Column                   Silica gel column chromatography

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