Lab Plant

HOMEEnglishLab Plant
A pilot plant is a small system, which is operated to find out about the behavior of a process before using it on a large industrial scale.

Nowadays, lab plant is used for a small type industrial plant, like Bio-ethanol distillation plant.
Lab Plant

Characteristics of KIRIYAMA LABO PLANTS

KIRIYAMA LABO PLANTS is designed based on proposals from users, we could suggest how to custom it from our lots of experiences about safety and suite systems for every experiments. Kiriyama's original making lab plant plan could working flexibly with changing plan after started to build and have many attendance tests with users. We work with users to build a lab plant.

We minimize electronic basic control panel making less costs. Because of our manual control, the plant could stop faster than automatic control in case of emergency. We think that manual control avoid accidents.


Lab plant is bigger than normal size laboratory glass wears so we use special joints which are lab plant joint clamps.
The joint has thick lips clamping with PTFE rings and light aluminums rings also it doesn’t hurt to glass.
The joints have 2-3°slop between the joint rips and TPFE rings that makes easy to build up and earthquake proofed because of flexible joints.


We use channel shaped and tube stainless steal for supporting frames.

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