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Experimental chemical equipments for practical use

Our REGULAR CLASSIC were developed for students’ experiments. These equipments are easy to set up, less preparing time and less stress on teachers.

Experiments for students are necessary. But nowadays; people think chemical experiment is not important for students. We believe students’ experiment experience can be an invention in the future. Also the experiences raise up flexible way of thinking.

REGULAR CLASSIC is attached experimental manuals.


Low costs

Almost half cost of KIRIYAMA joint equipments.



Regular series are designed strong to use Borosilicate glass tubes, especially outer joints and hose connection. These hose connections are as same outer diameter size as water tab in the laboratory.


A few types of joint size

Regular series have only 3 kinds of joint types. 16mm, 25mm and 30mm. You can do various experiment by adding a few equipments.


Less set up time

Regular series joints use PTFE inner joints. PTFE joints are already fixed to each equipments. PTFE joints help connecting equipments each other.


Many experiment manuals arrival in the catalog

There are major experiment manuals for Regular series. For example, “Making pure water from sea water”, “Making distilled spirits from liquor” and more.

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