Kjeldahl method distillation apparatus

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           Kjeldahl method distillation apparatus


Beforehand decompose protein and amino acids by sulfate acid at that time all nitrogen in the sample are changed to ammonium sulfate.

This apparatus measures amount of ammonium from absorbed ammonium in thick aqueous solution of sulfuric acid occurred heating samples and caustic soda water together.

Disadvantage point: This apparatus detects organic nitrogen and nitric acid-based nitrogen as ammonium.


                       〈 How to measure 〉

  1. Put sample and caustic soda water in flask 6 then heat it.
  2. Put thick aqueous solution of sulfuric acid in triangle flask 7.
  3. Occurred ammonium gas from flask 6 absorbed in aqueous solution of sulfuric acid changing ammonium sulfate.
  4. Take out triangle flask 7. Put indicator and titrate with caustic soda water. Calculate amount of ammonium from remained sulfate.

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