Dean-stark apparatus

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                 Dean-stark apparatus

This apparatus is mainly used for dehydration also it can be used for steam distillation. For dehydration, measuring amount of water in the sample or measuring created water from extraction like Ester extraction. Both cases use azeotropic solvent.

〈 How to use for dehydration extraction 〉

  1. Set sample flask or extractor flask under the main body. Set condenser above the main body.
  2. Heat and mix up sample and put in hydrophobic solvent (example; Toluene) in the flask. 
  3. Contained water vaporize with solvent to go up to the condenser. It is condensed to become liquid.
  4. The liquid drop down to the measurement container. In the container water subside, solvent overflow to go back flask. Measure the water in the container.
    With hydrophilic substance like Ethanol, It couldn’t measure water volume because of Ethanol dissolved also it loses hydrophilic samples.



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