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                         Soxhlet extractor

As you know Soxhlet extractor is popular laboratory equipment. Even though Soxhlet extractor has complete design at a time, but we have examined carefully to redesign it. Our Soxhlet is designed for smoother flow of extracted liquid for many kinds of solvents.

Soxhlet is used for extracting active ingredients from solid natural products. 


                                          〈 How to use 〉

  1. Set solvent flask at the bottom and condenser at the top of Soxhlet.
  2. When heating the solvent in the flask, solvent vapor go up to condenser through brunch tube. Condensed liquid solvent  dripping into filtration tube  extracts active intergradients.
  3. When extracted liquid go up to peak of left side tube, solvent go down back to flask by capillarity. After the operation repeated 5 to 6 times, this experiment ends.


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