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           Liquid-liquid continuous extractor

This apparatus is for extracting organic substance dissolved in liquid, or for when sample changes from hydrophilic to hydrophobic by chemical reaction.

              (CH3)3-C-OH   +   HCl  ⇨  (CH3)3-C-Cl   +   H2O               
t-butylalcohol                      t-butylchloride

             〈 How to use when avobe reaction happens〉

  1. Put aqueous hydrochloric acid and t-butylalcohol mixture in the left vessel. Heat it up  with stirring.
  2. Put hydrophobic solvent in the right flask and heat it up to vapour.
  3. Condensed solvent rise up through the bottom of the vessel.  The solution with reacted butylchloride  returns to flask.
  4. You could get condenced butylchloride after distilled off solvent.  


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