Nicholson-Kemmins solid extractor

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         Nicholson-Kemmins solid extractor

This extractor is for extracting active ingredients from natural products by steam distillation and solvent extraction.

Especially Nicholson-Kemmins solid extractor can extract large amount of samples with  minimum solvent.

                                        〈 How to use 〉

  1. Charge appropriate solvent about half of flask in the solvent flask. Chop sample and put sample in the right side flask. Fill up water about 2/3 of flask.
  2. To circulate refrigerant in the condenser. Put cryogen (dry ice) in the trap.
  3. Starting to heat both solvent flask and sample flask.
  4. Solvent vapor go up to condenser when extract active ingredient from sample vapor. Condensed liquid with active ingredient go back to solvent flask. Condensed liquid after removed active ingredient go back to sample flask. Usually we use Diethyl ether for solvent.
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Over view

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Operation view

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