Ketene lamp apparatus

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                    Ketene lamp apparatus


                               To produce Ketene gas from acetone

                                How to operate

Charge some acetone in the flask (10). Heat up and reflux acetone. Expel air from the reaction tube (56) by acetone vapor completely.

5 minutes later, starting heat up Nichrome wire. When the wire turns reddish brown color around 700℃〜750℃, Ketene gas occurs. You could get Ketene gas from exit (48) with ethylene, carbon monoxide and methane.

Keep temperature carefully. Black smoke occurs when overheated. You have to operate in the draft. Ketene gas is poisonous gas, it has -56℃ boiling point.

With organic synthetic reaction, Ketene gas is used as acetylating agent in general. For example, when ketene is reacted with alcohol or acetic acid, it could be turned to  acetic anhydride or acetic acid ester.


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