Dehydrate reactor

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                             Dehydration reactor
              Multipurpose reaction and distillation apparatus

This apparatus could do combination experiments of Chemical reaction, dehydratation reaction and distillation by  this apparatus only.

When two compounds have nearly same  b. p., one of compounds is alcohol or aldehyde, ketene this apparatus could separate them by combination of esterification reaction, acetalization reaction and after that simple distillation.

                                                〈 Features 〉
  1. It doesn’t need high performance distillation column if samples’ boiling points were very close or not.
  2. Using  this apparatus only.
  3. It consists of  zeolite dehydration membrane for dehydrate, so it doesn’t need dehydration support solvent (example; toluene).
  4. It uses reusable strongly acidic ion exchange resin for catalyst.
  5. It has removable stainless steel basket inside for catalyst reuse.
  6. It need not change vessel between reaction and distillation operation.
  7. Easy to scale up to production plant.
  8. For broad range of application.
  9. Possible to cost down.
*This apparatus doesn’t work for some of substances.

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