Vacuum line

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                            Vacuum line

Basic design of this equipment has 5 glass stopcocks with hose connection. You could design it based on your uses, Length, Number of stopcocks and Joint types. This substitution apparatus is designed with no worries about mixing  gases in the vacuum and substitution operation.


                                            < How to use >

  1. To open stopcock① and stopcock② which is connected to sampling container. To close other stopcocks② and stopcock③ which is replacing gas cock. Closed stopcocks knobs are parallel to main line. To exhaust gas from stopcock④.
  2. To close exhausted stopcock①. To open stopcock③ slowly. To keep opening both stopcock③ and stopcock④. To excuce substitution by  open  and close stopcock①, ③,alternately . and complete substitution.

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